Bringing Others Down

Everyone knows that person…the black hole of unhappiness that sucks the life out of the room. The ultimate pessimist, the “realist” (a term pessimists give themselves when they are just keeping it real), or the Debbie Downer. These people are the kings (or queens) of dragging others down to their level by making everyone miserable. Even the strongest, most secure and positive person can be brought down to the depths of misery. Check out this series of photos as a smaller vehicle literally drags down others.

20130203-100152.jpg 20130203-100234.jpg 20130203-100244.jpg 20130203-100254.jpg







Don’t be the white van, sucking other stronger individuals down with your sea of negativity (see what I did there? Sea? Oh well). Be positive. Be someone you enjoy spending time with. See the bright outlook on life…cause after all, even pessimists don’t like pessimists.

Have a great day!!

Ryan Eller

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