Top 7 Most Ridiculously Strange Bucket List Items

As you all know, I love a good Bucket List. I was recently “surfing the web” (greatest 90s internet reference) for new ideas for my Bucket List, and came across some ridiculously strange bucket list items. I added several to my list, but these top eight items were the by far the most strange and ridiculous that I came across. Click on the item to find the original list.

7. Touch Christian Bale’s Face.

The fine folks at have a great list of things to do before (or while) you die. You would have to be a brave soul to touch this man’s face.

6. Get the Queen of England to Sit in a Bean Bag Chair.

I just recently traveled to England…and boy do the British love the Queen. I don’t know if a bean bag chair would be any sillier than the ridiculous hats she wears…but it would be fun to see the 86-year-old constitutional monarch sit in a lopsided bean bag.

5. Hire two private investigators. Get them to follow each other.

Does this need an explanation? I feel as if this would be Spy v. Spy in real life. Think of the implications. I would make this a little sweeter by hiring another PI to follow those two around and take notes of their shenanigans.

4. Name one of my children after the place they were conceived, preferably Vegas.

I want to be very clear…this is not my Bucket List item. If so, my daughter Jane would be named Broken Arrow.

3. Punch someone until my hand breaks.

I have been in one fist fight in my entire life. It was the fifth grade and I fought a kid on the bus for calling my mom a bad word (I loved my momma). That fight ended up with me open palm hitting him on the side of the head, him laughing and getting off the bus, and then me crying the rest of the bus ride because I didn’t like fighting. I doubt I will add this one to my list.

2. Protect my children from child molesters.

This one gets the “Most Ridiculous of the Top 8 Most Ridiculous Bucket List Items.” I am sure this is an admirable goal for any parent, but I don’t know if it fits proper Bucket List criteria.

1. Hang with K-Fed and the kids and play Chutes and Ladders and drink Kool-Aid.

This may be the most dangerous item on this list. Not only are you spending time with K-Fed, but you even throw the spawn of Britney Spears into the mix. However, Kool-Aid and Chutes and Ladders makes for a fine evening at the Eller household.


Did I leave anything off the list? Do you have a Bucket List that deserves consideration on the “Ridiculously Awesome Bucket List” list?

Ryan Eller


6 comments on “Top 7 Most Ridiculously Strange Bucket List Items

  1. Maybe a second post… WordPress is kinda funky…

    My personal favorite was “peeing on Bin Laden’s ankle.” Especially now that he is “dead.”

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