The 21 Different People You Find on Twitter

Chances are you are on Twitter. It has quickly became my favorite social media site and place to share my genius (besides this blog…of course). Regardless of your fondness of Twitter, there is a chance you fall into one of these 21 different categories…

The 21 Different People You Find on Twitter

1. The Young Lover

This Tweep may be your least favorite, at least while they are in their puppy-love stage. They are the first couple to ever be this much in love and no one will ever know love like the Young Lover. It’s OK, I give you permission to unfollow this Tweeter…if they get mad send them my way.

2. The Broken-Hearted

Usually the Young Lover becomes the Broken-Hearted Tweeter. As the Young Lover they had never been happier, as the Broken-Hearted they have never been darker…or more lonely. These poor souls may never recover from their recent break-up.

3. The Robot

These people aren’t actually people…they are software programs that spew out tweets and RTs faster than you can possibly tweet. Oh, hey, you tweeted 37 times in four seconds. I am glad I followed you.

4. The Easily Spammed

The Easily Spammed just can’t help to see what pictures were taken of them. And. how dare others tweet terrible things about them and then conveniently send them a link of the rumors in their inbox.

Easily Spammed

5. The Retweet Machine

These tweeters have over 25k tweets, but have only tweeted original content five times. Of course, you love when your genius material gets retweeted, but if you wanted to follow all of the people they RT…you would already follow them.

6. The Creep

The Creep favorites something you tweeted 200 days ago, and replies to everything you post. Everyone knows the creep. If you don’t know the creep…it is probably you.


7. The Expert

The Expert knows everything there is to know on all every trending topic. Want to know their opinion about politics??? They’ve got it! Want them to comment in opposition to your opinion? Of course they will. The Expert knows all and is proud of their knowledge.

8. The Favoriter

Everyone’s favorite Tweeter…The Favoriter! These people make your feel good about your tweets. Anytime you tweet the Favoriter will build your self-esteem with a click of the mouse!

9. The Picture Uploader

This person has 13,000 photos on their Twitter feed, and this isn’t even counting their Instagram pics. Often the Picture Uploader is also a Proud Traveler, The Food Junkie, The New Mom, or the Animal Lover.

10. The Proud Traveler

The Proud Traveler has been there and has the pictures to prove it. They talk travel to whoever will respond to their tweets and will gladly one-up your trip with their awesome trip. Some tweet about it so much they have a blog post dedicated to it…or two blog posts.

Ryan Eller

11. The Negative Nancy

These people are the worst. They only get on Twitter to talk about how bad their day was, how many terrible things happened to them, and how awful their life has become. I am not quite sure who follows these people.

12. The Star-Crazed Fan (AKA The Belieber)

The Star-Crazed Fan loves their star so much that they tweet them every chance they get. They often include desperate attempts for the star to retweet them…to always no avail.

Star Crazed Fan

13. The No-Tweet

These people have a Twitter account, but they don’t tweet. Who knows, they may actually be The Creeper in disguise or they may have died several years ago. The No-Tweets are not to be trusted.

14. The Funny Fake Account

The Funny Fake Account are people who follow other Fake Accounts and tweet things that they say. The most famous of the Fake Accounts is Not Will Ferrell…or any other fake Will Ferrell account.


15. Team No Sleep

These people apparently sleep all day and tweet all night. They are the ones on your timeline at 3, 4, or 5 in the morning. Expect for them to tweet about how they can’t sleep and wish they could.

16. The Food Junkie

The Food Junkie takes pictures of their food, tweet about their food, reply about other Food Junkie’s food, and favorite their big chain food retailers.

17. The Bible Quoter

These Tweeters post their favorite Bible verse every day…sometimes 100 times a day. We would all be lost without your consistent reminders of your favorite verses!

18. The Sports Junkie

The Sports Junkie live tweets their favorite games, knows all of the lines in Vegas, and follows every sports star, reporter, and announcer. They are often the most passionate of the Twitterverse. The best type of Sports Junkie? The kind who live tweets their kid’s little league games.

19. The Animal Lover

The only tweeter as passionate as The Sports Junkie is the Animal Lover. Their dog, cat, hamster, snake, or goat is the cutest thing they’ve ever seen…and they want to show you pictures as much as possible.

20. The New Mom

The New Mom is like the Animal Lover on crack. Their little bundle of joy is the only thing they can tweet about. Most people don’t have the heart to tell The New Mom that their kid looks like a slobbering old man.

21. The Recently Worked Out Guy

This person just worked out and wants to tell you all about it. They ran a few miles, threw around some weights at the gym, or got up from the couch this week.

Which Tweeter are you? I am most often the Proud Traveler, The Sports Junkie, or The Recently Worked Out Guy. Did I miss any different types of people on Twitter?


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