Why Everyone Likes the Harlem Shake Videos

You know you have seen them…they are taking over social media as quickly as the Gangham Style videos have disappeared. By the time of this post, you have probably even participated in at least one Harlem Shake video.

So, why is most of America fascinated by the videos? It could certainly be the crazy costumes or the outrageous locations. Maybe it is the actual song, or perhaps the Speedo wearing swimmers underwater. It may even be that people like watching random people shaking in a sleeping bag for 30 seconds. It could be all of those things, but I think I know the answer…

Everyone Likes the Harlem Shake Videos because people love to belong. They love to be part of a group. They love to make other people smile and share their joy. This isn’t the first craze to sweep through the United States (we are looking at you Macarena), and it certainly won’t be the last. There is so much negativity in this world, so anytime people can have a good time with their friends either making or watching the Harlem Shake videos…they should.

Have you made your own Harlem Shake video? If you have I will share it on my Twitter!

Ryan Eller


One comment on “Why Everyone Likes the Harlem Shake Videos

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