Bucket List by Threes

I can already hear you saying, “Hey Eller! You like Bucket Lists a little too much. It is starting to creep us out. You talk about them almost as much as you talk about Brinner and Nick Collison.” I understand your concern, and much like Brinner (breakfast for dinner), once you have a Bucket List it is hard to stop talking about it, and you just want more. There are still some of you out there who do not have your very own Bucket List with your very own goals, dreams, and desires. Well, today is your lucky day…I am going to help you create a Bucket List, and we are going to start by doing a Bucket List by Threes.


I am going to give you a category, and I want you to come up with three items in that category that you’d like to add to your Bucket List. In the end, you should have a list of 30 items that you will be ready to accomplish while you Live Your List. Be creative while writing your three items so that you make your list measurable (Kiss on top of Eiffel Tower, Stand Next to the Pyramids, Learn to play Stairway to Heaven on the Guitar, etc.). So, pull out your favorite journal, scrap paper, iPhone, or stone tablet and start creating this list today!


In my opinion this is the easiest of Bucket List items, these are the places you want to go and the things you want to see across this crazy world.  It is hard to stop this list at three items, so by all means, keep going.


These are the things on your Bucket List that scare you a little…Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Climbing to the top of Mount Everest. Add a few of these to spice up your list and live a little on the dangerous side.


Always wanted learn a new language? How about how to play the piano? Add three things to your list that you would like to learn, and of course, if you have some actual educational goals (going back to college to get that degree), then by all means, add it to the list.


There are certain things you can only do with family. Three items from my list that are family related are: 1. Give my daughter away to a man who deserves her. 2. Coach my son’s little league team. 3. Watch the sun set on the beach on my honeymoon.


I think it is important for you to have items on your list where you experience the joys of giving back. Make these a priority on your list, they usually benefit you the most.


Want to have a million dollar net worth? Want to own your own successful company? Mostly everyone has financial goals for their life…add them to your list.


Life Goals

This is the serious side of the Bucket List. I think it is important for you to have a mix of SMART Goals on your list and try to achieve them.

Ryan Eller


These items include physical challenges like running a marathon or hiking the Appalachian Trail, but could also include specific items like getting six-pack abs or hitting that goal weight. You could also include things like going on a Vegan diet for a month or going a year without chocolate (not all Bucket List items are fun…some challenge you to be a better person).

Lucky Items

Some items on your Bucket List will require a substantial amount of luck…Catching a Foul Ball at a MLB Game, Shaking Hands with a President, Meet Someone Famous Randomly. Add a few of these just for fun.


Did you know I have always wanted to take a charge from Nick Collison? There are some items that are so strange that they need their own category. Place those items here.

If you have been adding at least three items to your list from every one of these categories, you have a pretty decent list compiled. There is one last important category that I will give you as a bonus category…the Reverse List.

Reverse List

If there is anything in your life that you have done that was awesome…go ahead and add it to the list and check it off. If you do something randomly awesome that is not on your list…add it and then check it off.  I’m sure you have lived an awesome life up to this point, and part of the point of having a Bucket List is to catalog your accomplishments.

I hope this post has helped you start to Live Your List by creating a Bucket List. If you need some other Lists to spur on your creativity, check out these awesome resources by clicking here, here, or here. To inspire you, below is a picture of Kristin and I checking an item off of our list: #97. Watch the sunset on a beach on my honeymoon – X (March 19th, 2008, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

Ryan Eller

Let me know when you have your List complied…I would love to see it!

Ryan Eller


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