TBT – #32 Go White-Water Rafting

It is Thursday, and you know what that means!!! It is Throwback Thursday time again. TBT is the one day a week I relive some of my greatest moments in life…the times when I checked something off of my Bucket List.  Last week you learned about #57 – Walk a Length of the Great Wall of China, and this week we cover a wet and wild one…

32. Go white-water rafting – X (July 24, 2010, Canon City, CO)

Ryan Eller

Checking things off of your Bucket List is awesome. When someone else pays for you to check them off of your list…well, that is the greatest. NSU asked me to travel to Colorado with their Rookie Bridge Camp Emeritus group and provide leadership activities. We accomplished many awesome things while on this trip, and even added an item to my list after I rode the SkyCoaster over the Royal Gorge (more on that story on another Thursday)!

We left Tahlequah in the two NSU Short Buses and trekked the 750 miles across Kansas all the way to Colorado Springs. We camped at the base of the Rockies about 5 miles from the Royal Gorge. We spent one morning white water rafting on the Arkansas river. It was the middle of summer, and the water was super cold, but invigorating. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew to raft with as we navigated the windy river and conquered the rapids.

Ryan Eller

Ryan Eller

By the end of the trip we had White Water Rafted, climbed to the top of Pike’s Peak, meandered around Garden of the Gods. I was able to add a state to my facilitating list, and got some great photos. I even gained a few great friends along the way (here is looking at you Ben Ellis).



Ryan Eller

Some Bucket List items will stay with you forever. This is certainly one of those experiences. If you want to Live Your List, you must take advantage of the opportunities when they become available. Have you been White Water Rafting? Was it an amazing experience?


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