Be Ridiculously and Undeniably Clear

One of my old teachers used to say that 95% of fights and arguments were directly related to poor communication. She also used to tell me that I would use math as an adult…so I am not completely sure she told the truth all of the time. However, I do think there are some lessons to beĀ learned from her views on personal interaction. One of the most important things we can all do when communicating is to be as clear as possible. Shoot it straight and make sure others understand your vision, plan, or idea….just like these signs.


For Help Push Red Button






Caution Water on Road

I like to tell my students that communication is just like calculus. Some people are naturally gifted with math, but if you want to be excellent at calculus, you have to practice. You must start out learning the fundamentals of algebra, you need to listen to your teacher or professor, and most certainly you must do your homework and calculus assignments. The same can be said about being an excellent communicator. Talk to those who are great listeners. Read books and attend seminars. Practice communication to be ridiculously and undeniably clear.

Do you have any tips on how to effectively communicate? How do you practice clear and concise communication?


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