Hey! Read This! Getting Things Done by David Allen

Getting Things Done David Allen

Let’s be honest…we are unorganized from birth. I’ve seen your homes and offices, it looks like a hurricane of TPS Reports and dirty coffee mugs decided to land right on top of your desk. Typically, we are not much better at returning phone calls, emails, or finishing projects around the house either. This is where Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity by David Allen comes into play. He has developed a fool-proof system to Do, Delegate, Defer, or Drop your workload to completion.

Quick Book Review

I don’t follow GTD 100% in my everyday life, but I have adopted many of the GTD principles to help organize my busy work schedule. I always work best if I can follow a structured plan towards success, and this book is as structured as it gets. As The Simple Dollar puts it, “Getting Things Done really centers around one key idea: you will be more productive if you take the set of things you need to do out of your head and put them down on paper.”

You can buy the book here, here, or here. There are even apps and software available for your phone, tablet, or computer that will help you as you implement the GTD philosophy. Do you follow GTD? Are there any programs or processes you use to get your life organized?

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