281 Awesome Bucket List Items You Should Add To Your List

If you want to Live Your List, it makes sense for you to actually make a Bucket List. The best way to make a list is to research other awesome lists to generate ideas. I have combined my Bucket List with Jerrod Murr’s list for you to read, copy, or add to your list. Let me know which one of these 281 buckets you want to check off of your list.

Ryan Eller

1. Set Foot on North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Antarctica and Africa
2. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
3. Personally Know Someone Famous
4. Dance with Miss America
5. Swim with a Dolphin
6. Learn a Foreign Language and Actually Use It
7. Have my Portrait Painted
8. Watch a Space Shuttle Launch
9. Be an Extra in a Film
10. Skydive
11. Scuba Dive
12. Ride a Train
13. Be a Member of a Studio Audience
14. Send a Message in a Bottle and get a Response
15. Go to Space
16. Plant a Tree and Watch it Grow
17. Learn to Ballroom Dance -Properly
18. Sit on a Jury
19. Write an Autobiography
20. Be Someone’s Mentor
21. Shower in a Waterfall
22. Learn to Legitimately Play a Song on any Musical Instrument
23. Teach someone illiterate to read
24. Spend the night in a haunted place
25. See a Lunar Eclipse
26. Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square
27. Drive Across America Coast-to-Coast
28. Go Snow Skiing
29. Crash an extravagant wedding
30. Write my will
31. Sleep under the stars
32. Go white-water rafting
33. Own my own house
34. Grow a garden and eat the produce
35. Have six-pack abs
36. Go Deep Sea Fishing
37. Spend time at a concentration camp
38. Create a Family Tree
39. Spoil my grandchildren
40. Catch a foul ball or home-run at a MLB game
41. Hit a hole-in-one
42. Run a marathon
43. Swim with sharks
44. Experience weightlessness – no gravity
45. Go to a sumo wrestling match
46. See a tornado touch ground
47. Go to an active volcano
48. Go to a nudist colony
49. Travel on a safari
50. Ride a bull
51. Run with the bulls in Pamplona
52. Attend a Jewish wedding
53. Go to a Pow-Wow
54. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
55. Watch the Yankees-Red Sox in Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium
56. Try to make a guard laugh at Buckingham Palace
57. Walk a length of the Great Wall of China
58. Go to a drive-in movie theater
59. See Mt. Rushmore
60. Drive an 18-wheeler
61. Eat a meal from a world-class chef
62. Crash a Hollywood Studio
63. Meet someone famous randomly
64. Spend a day in a spa
65. Walk the red carpet at a huge event
66. Stay at a 5-star hotel
67. See Stonehenge
68. Stand next to a pyramid
69. Ride a Gondola in Venice
70. Take a yoga class
71. Take a photography class
72. Shake hands with a President
73. Learn how to sail
74. See the Northern Lights
75. Kiss on top the Eiffel Tower
76. Learn to Juggle
77. Get a tattoo
78. Crowd Surf at a rock concert
79. Bungy Jump
80. Save someone’s life
81. Get a book published
82. Get a standing ovation
83. Kill a wild game animal
84. Make a clay pot
85. Relax in Tahiti for at least two weeks
86. Live abroad
87. Eat frog legs and gumbo and shrimp in the Deep South
88. Snowboard
89. Be on a game show
90. Go treasure hunting
91. Be involved in a heist
92. Own a pet monkey
93. Land a flip on a wakeboard
94. Surf the waves in Hawaii
95. Enter a professional Ping-Pong tournament
96. Give my daughter away at her wedding to a man who deserves her
97. Watch the sunset on a beach on my honeymoon
98. Coach my son’s little league baseball team
99. Run my own successful business
100. Watch OU-Texas at the Red River Rivalry
101. Walk across hot coals
102. Go to all 50 U.S. States
103. Be on a Reality TV show.
104. Be completely out of debt.
105. Go on a cruise.
106. Drive through a Redwood Tree.
107. Ride the Skycoaster at the Royal Gorge
108. Go to the Summer Olympic Games
109. Have acupuncture
110. Visit the Hoover Dam
111. Climb Chichen Itza
112. Stand beside the Christ the Redeemer statue
113. Walk around the Colosseum in Rome
114. Visit Machu Picchu
115. Explore Petra
116. Take a picture in front of the Taj Mahal
117. Adopt a child
118. Travel to the center of all religion, Jerusalem
119. Ride a Segway
120. Attend a World Cup Match
121. Go Ice Fishing
122. Take the Polar Plunge in a cold weather country
123. Give a commencement speech
124. Sleep on a Trampoline
125. Swim in every ocean
126. Fly an airplane
127. Go to a NASCAR race
128. Have a street named after me
129. Tour the White House
130. Set a World Record
131. Get something patented
132. Catch a trout while fly fishing
133. Eat at a Brazilian Steakhouse in Brazil
134. Visit an orphanage in a foreign country
135. Ride a Double Decker Bus in London
136. Set atop the London Eye
137. Get my Ph.D
138. Complete the Hawaii IRONMAN Challenge
139. Draw a charge from Nick Collison in a pickup basketball game
140. Give a speech to over 10,000 people
141. Attend the Iditarod
142. Baptize somebody somewhere cool
143. Be an Olympian
144. Be in a community theater
145. Be in the $40,000 plus speaking club
146. Be interviewed on national morning show
147. Be invited onto a professional court/field
148. Be invited to the white house
149. Be the world champion of public speaking
150. Build a treehouse
151. Buy someone a house
152. Camp in a national park
153. Carry the olympic torch
154. Climb a lighthouse
155. Complete a 40 day fast
156. Crank my neck upward at the Sistine Chapel
157. Create a board game
158. Dance with an African Tribe
159. Dig a well for community
160. Eat at Michelin award-winning restaurant
161. Eat chocolate in Switzerland
162. Encircle a giant sequoia at Yosemite National Park
163. Finish a corn maze
164. Fly a kite with my girls on the beach
165. Fly in a private jet
166. Get gas at the world’s largest truck stop
167. Give a $10,000 gift to charity
168. Give a $25,000 gift
169. Give a $50,000 gift
170. Give away a car
171. Go indoor skydiving
172. Go on a 30 Day leadership adventure
173. Go whale watching
174. Go Zorbing
175. Golf at Pebble Beach
176. Graduate with a master’s degree
177. Have a book published
178. Have a conversation in 2 second languages
179. Hear Niagra Falls
180. Help build an orphanage
181. Hike in the Grand Canyon
182. Hike part of the Appalachians
183. Host a Christmas party for people with nowhere to go
184. Host a collection (10 piece min)
185. Host a foreign exchange student
186. Host a leadership training in Antarctica
187. Invent a well-known game
188. Kiss the Blarney Stone
189. Live in NYC for 6 months
190. Make a scrapbook with each child
191. Marvel at Aurora Borealis
192. Meet the POTUS
193. Mush a dog sled
194. Own a house outright
195. Own a cool antique
196. Own a pinball machine
197. Own a signed copy of “Giving Tree”
198. Parasail
199. Participate in a reenactment
200. Plant a master’s commission or ministry school
201. Play bocce ball
202. Pray in the holy land
203. Preach in a foreign country
204. Push a stone at Stonehenge
205. Quote scripture at Christ the Redeemer
206. Raise $1 million in 1 fundraiser
207. Raise my arms on the top 5 coasters in the world
208. Read 52 book in 1 year
209. Read the Bible in 7 different translations
210. Read the complete works of C.S. Lewis
211. Read the top 100 books of all time
212. Read the works of John Maxwell
213. Receive an honorary degree
214. Ride a camel in its natural environment
215. Ride a roller coaster at Cedarpoint
216. Ride an ostrich
217. Ride in a gondola
218. Ride in a helicopter
219. Run a 1/2 marathon
220. RV across part of America
221. Say something profound which becomes a famous quote
222. See a bear catch a salmon
223. See Adele in concert
224. See blinded eyes open
225. See Old Faithful erupt in Yellowstone
226. See the Acropolis in Greece
227. Shake hands with a matador
228. Share my faith in a communist nation
229. Share my faith in an Islamic nation
230. Sing in Silver Dollar City
231. Sleep in a castle
232. Sleep in a rainforest
233. Speak to 10000 people at one time
234. Speak to a group with the assistance of a translator
235. Stand on the equator
236. Start a family christmas tradition
237. Start a phenomenon
238. Start a scholarship fund/program
239. Swim at Schlitterbahn
240. Swim in a great lake
241. Swim in the dead sea
242. Swim the Great Barrier Reef
243. Tackle a Food Challenge
244. Take a Bus ride to Chichen Itza
245. Take a cooking class
246. Take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty
247. Take a road trip
248. Take a spiritual retreat in a cabin
249. Take an art class
250. Take my family to all 4 Disney World parks
251. Throw a birthday party for someone who can’t have one
252. Throw out a first pitch
253. Touch an Easter Island Moíai
254. Tour the Great Pyramids
255. Travel with Nomads
256. Visit 50 (or better) national parks
257. Visit 50 countries by 50 years of age
258. Visit Angkor Wat
259. Visit Anne Frankís house
260. Visit Boston
261. Visit Elephant National Park in Thailand
262. Visit Neuschweinstein Castle in Germany
263. Visit Petra, Jordan
264. Visit the 5 longest rivers in the world
265. Visit the Galapagos Islands
266. Visit the world’s 5 greatest museums
267. Visit Washington, D.C.
268. Walk the Camino Del Rey
269. Wash an elephant
270. Watch a world cup match in person
271. Watch migration on the Serengeti
272. Watch the final four in person
273. Watch the whiling dervishes in Istanbul
274. Water ski
275. Write a book
276. Write a children’s book
278. Yell “are you not entertained” at the Colosseum
279. Win a Gold Medal at the Olympics
280. Take a punch from Mike Tyson
281. Get married to the love of my life

Did you add any of these items to your list? Can you guess which of these buckets are off my list, and which of the buckets are on Jerrod’s list?


11 comments on “281 Awesome Bucket List Items You Should Add To Your List

  1. There are guides to tour you and give lectures about the place.
    There are mountain hikes and camping and scuba diving along with other activities
    to be done while on tour. Alternately, some feel that by exposing
    Antarctica to people, these people will become moved
    to involve themselves in its protection.

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  3. I was reading this list and I saw that you put plant a masters commission! Just wanted to say that I love that it is on your list. I just graduated my second year at Crossroads Masters Commission!

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  5. I just attended a speaking engagement this weekend with Anthony Reed, one of only a handful of people on earth to have run a marathon in all 50 states and on all seven continents. He has over 125 medals and even showed us pictures of his marathon in Antarctica! He talked about his bucket list and inspired me to create one of my own. Not only do I love a lot of items on this list, I also love that I’ve done some of them too. It reminds me that even though I want to do a lot, that I’ve been lucky enough to have done a lot already. Gratitude.

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