3 Life Lessons I Learned From Snow Skiing

It is Thursday, and you know what that means!!! It is Throwback Thursday time again. TBT is the one day a week I relive some of my greatest moments in life…the times when I checked something off of my Bucket List.  Last week you learned about #2 – Ride in a Hot Air Balloon, and this week we focus on a particularly cold one…

28. Go Snow Skiing – X (Spring Break 2007, Breckenridge, CO)

Ryan Eller in CO

There are four things I love:

  1. Bulleted Lists
  2. Cold Weather
  3. Checking Buckets
  4. Learning New Things

This trip accomplished all of those things. Kristin and I jumped into the SUV with Uncle Garry and family and headed to beautiful Breckenridge, CO where we would model our new ski coats and fancy goggles.

Ryan Eller in CO

This trip wasn’t just about checking a bucket, enjoying the cool weather, or learning to ski. It was so much more than that…along the way I learned a few life lessons:

1. Lean Into the Mountain

My father-in-law told me to lean into the mountain while skiing…because when I fell I would fall a few feet instead of cartwheeling down the slope. As a first time skier this kept me from getting black and blue as I tumbled and stumbled along the mountain.

Life Lesson: When trying something new you will venture down new paths, and you will fall. Learn to fall well so you can get back up and hit the slopes again.

2. Hit The Greens Before the Blacks

We went skiing with Cousin Austin, who had been skiing every year for over a decade. I would have loved to jump right into the black slopes with him on day 1, but I probably would have died trying. Instead, Kristin, Cousin Amy, and myself headed to the greens until we were ready to move onto the next.

Life Lesson: When attempting something new start off slow and master that level before attempting the double black diamonds of the world.

3. Conditions Out Of Your Control Are Only Temporary

It was unseasonably warm on the first day of our trip, and the snow started to melt. Everything was slushy, especially at the end of the day. It made for ridiculously hard skiing conditions for everyone, but mostly for the beginners like myself.  The next morning we woke up to colder temperatures and a fresh dusting of snow. I found it much easier to learn under these new conditions.

Life Lesson: The things that are out of your control will not last forever. Your luck will turn around, either positive or negative…tt could have easily gone from cold to warm during that trip. It is important for you to hold out and persevere until your conditions change.

Ryan Eller

Have you ever been skiing? Were there any life lessons you learned on the slopes?


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