I Am Going to Add These Items to My Bucket List

I have been attending a wonderful conference over the past two days, and I was inspired by one of the speakers. This speaker is the niece of a very influential founder of one of my passions, TRiO. The man was Walter O. Mason…a man who helped organize and grow the TRiO programs that now serve over 800,000 low-income and first-generation college students across the United States. His niece talked about how his passion and enthusiasm has helped almost 4 million students go to college.

There is a scholarship endowment and foundation named in his honor, and it really inspired me. I would love to someday be able to give back in a similar manner as this storied hero of education. Therefore, I am adding two things to my Bucket List:

  1. Have a scholarship foundation in my name.
  2. Pay for someone’s college education (other than my children)

I am passionate about education and helping under served populations attain a post-secondary education. I am passionate about my Bucket List…this is a natural fit.


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