Let’s Be Honest…I Am Tired

I am having a full-blown Live Your List week. I left Tulsa late Sunday night and headed straight to Orlando, FL. I presented at a conference, went to Disney World, and even spent some time on the beach. I headed out Wednesday morning from Orlando to Raleigh, NC where I presented the keynote luncheon at a state conference today. I am now sitting in the Charlotte, NC airport where I will fly to Little Rock to do a workshop with students in Ash Flat, AR tomorrow morning. It has been a great week for me…but I am tired.

I miss my wife and of course, Baby Jane, and I am physically and emotionally drained from going non-stop for the last 5 days. My life will not always be this hectic and busy, but it is necessary for me to plant these seeds for future growth. I am telling you right now that you can live your dreams, but you must hustle…and it won’t always be easy.

Chasing your dreams is not easy…it requires sacrifice, hard work, and patience, particularly from your spouse. I challenge each and every one of you to Live Your List, but know that it isn’t all sunshine and butterflies. It is hard work, but if you know your purpose in life, you will love every minute of it.




One comment on “Let’s Be Honest…I Am Tired

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