Be So Excited You Eat Invisible Cereal

I’ve had a long week. It has been great, but things haven’t gone exactly how I imagined, and I called my Brag Buddy Jerrod Murr to talk about things. When you follow your dreams it can get tiring, life can become challenging, and your goals can seem miles away. As I talked to Murr about my dreams, he infused me with positivity and we started to get excited. Even during the hard times, there should still be times when you get so excited chasing your dreams that get excited.

Get so Excited you eat invisible cerealBe so excited about your goals that you too eat invisible cereal. Have this level of enthusiasm. What are you excited about today?


3 comments on “Be So Excited You Eat Invisible Cereal

  1. Ryan. I was at the workshop in ash flat Arkansas. I would like to say thank-you!!! . The workshop was amazing and fun. It has gotten me thinking. I reilised I’m messing up in life and need to get on track. Directally after the workshop I spoke to Ronda about help. I had a new goal after the meeting. “Find a way to get in touch with Ryan Seller and thank him buy the end of the night ” Thank you Ryan Seller! You possibly changed my life.

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