How My Great-Grandmother Lived Her Bucket List

I spent most of Saturday commemorating the life of my great-grandmother, Hazel Franklin. She lived to be 98, even though she had us throw her a 100th birthday party a few years ago. The memorial service was more of a celebration that a funeral. Throughout the warm spring day we told and retold stories of the wonderful life and legacy this strong woman left behind.

Grandmother Franklin

I would almost guarantee that Grandmother Franklin didn’t have a Bucket List. She was a very practical woman who grew up during the Great Depression (I never saw her throw anything away…ever). She did, however, follow the Live Your List philosophy. She lived an inspired life caring about her garden, her farm, and her family.

She didn’t need to travel the world or jump out of an airplane. She didn’t need to learn multiple languages or how to play the guitar. When we sat around telling stories about her life, we routinely spoke of her love, her kindness, and her creativity…not about mountain climbing or becoming a Ph.D. Those things weren’t on her list.

Live Your List is not about accomplishments, but living an inspired life and following your dreams. Grandmother’s dream was to live a long life with her family, and she achieved it. We will miss your smile and presence in our lives. Rest in peace.


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