Why On Earth Would I Go Vegan?

When I started 2013, I created a list of 13 goals that I hoped to accomplish during this banner year. One of the strangest goals on my list was to Become Vegan for One Month. This is a ridiculous goal, and I have had several people ask me the same questions:

Why on Earth would you go vegan? Do you hate meat? Do you know you come from a family of cattlemen? How are you so good looking?

Well, they ask me most of these questions. After much thought, I now have an answer…I am going vegan because I like a good challenge in my life. In the past I would give up when things got hard, so now I try to do something every year that will challenge me to be consistent with my follow through and dedication. Being Vegan for one month will force me to grow, to learn about another culture, and raise my awareness about the things I put in my body.

If I want to follow the Live Your List philosophy I need to not only check buckets off of my Bucket List, but I also need to consistently challenge myself to not become complacent. I hope to always live a life of adventure as a life long learner, and it continues with this month as a vegan.

So…if you hang out with me this month, don’t let me put the rack of ribs in my mouth. Keep me from taking the Gallon Challenge. Encourage me to have the salad instead of the cheesecake. Challenge me to finish this goal!

Have you ever spent a portion of your life as a vegan? Any tips for a meat-eater like myself?

2 comments on “Why On Earth Would I Go Vegan?

  1. being from Oklahoma, Waynoka to be precise, I am proud to say I have been 100% vegan for over a year now. It is not nearly as difficult as people make it seem. Just start each day prepared (keep fruit with you at all times) and a handful of recipes will make it work. Start with soups, salads, wraps, oatmeal, smoothies, burritos- just remember to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, rice, beans, nuts and seeds- it is an adventure! Soon you won’t even miss those dishes we used to think we couldn’t live without. Also watch Forks Over Knives- and you won’t go back 🙂

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