6 Leadership Lessons Learned From Nick Collison

Ryan Eller

If you live outside of Kansas or Oklahoma you may not know Nick Collison, but you should. Around Oklahoma, Sir Collison is known as a bit of a Bill Brasky…an eight-foot, two-ton beast man who can palm a medicine ball. He is the back-up power forward for the OKC Thunder, and my favorite professional athlete. I may even have a Bucket List item completely devoted to him:

Ryan Eller

A couple of years ago my personal assistant, Jerrod Murr, scored two playoff tickets to see the Thunder play the Memphis Grizzlies. We literally set on the very top row of the arena as we witnessed Nick Collison single handily beat the Grizzlies. He didn’t start or finish the game, he didn’t lead any statistical category, and he didn’t even really have one dynamic play that won the game, but boy did he entertain. When he fouled out of the game…

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