The Best Thing About Forgiveness

I recently asked someone for forgiveness, something I had been putting off for a long time because I was embarrassed about how I had treated this person. I didn’t want to ask for forgiveness because I didn’t think I deserved it…I had been a jerk. 

When the moment came for me to man up and admit my wrongs, the guy I had offended opened his arms wide and told me he had waited a long time to give me forgiveness, and he couldn’t wait any longer. 

I think we often see forgiveness from a selfish vantage point. If I could be forgiven it would lift a burden from my shoulders, allow me to feel free from the terrible things I have done. Rarely do we realize that asking for forgiveness allows others to forgive, which is much, much more powerful. 

The burden lifted from forgiving is much stronger than the burden lifted from asking for forgiveness.

If you want to really give back to the person that you have wronged, allow them to forgive you. It is the best thing you can offer for your wrong actions.

Don’t delay. Pick up the phone and call your loved one. Meet up for lunch. Get it off of your chest….allow them to forgive. 

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