Why You Should Donate Plasma and Other Crazy Things While Chasing Your Dreams

I have something to admit to all of my loyal followers (thanks for reading mom!)…I donate plasma. There is a plasma donation center within two miles of my house, and I try to go twice a week. It takes about an hour and it doesn’t hurt at all. As a matter of fact, I usually just read my favorite books or check up on emails. Shoot, they even pay you for it…which is why you should be donating plasma when you start chasing you dreams.

Dreams are awesome, but they don’t always pay well. For every young LeBron James there are thousands of people shooting hoops in their driveway. You may be the next JK Rowling, but chances are you are like me and only your mom is reading your brilliance. I certainly believe that you will make it big time, I believe it about myself, but we don’t all start out on top.

I am so willing to chase my dreams that I quit my job (don’t quit your job until you have taken this test from Jon Acuff’s awesome book Quitter). I am 100% committed to my cause, so much so that I am willing to donate plasma to make it happen. It is easy for me to donate plasma, it is close to my house and a very nice facility. If it wasn’t plasma, I would be a substitute teacher, a bus driver, or pursue any other part-time income source I could scrape up.

I will hopefully someday have a large staff in a beautiful office with an unlimited amount of business coming our way. Until that time I will continue to dream big dreams as a I donate plasma twice a week. I look forward to looking back at these times to see how far I have traveled on my journey of success.


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