Three Reasons Why You Need A Brag Buddy

I believe in Brag Buddies. As a matter of fact, I have one! Not only is Jerrod Murr my personal assistant, he is also my Brag Buddy (or BB for short). If you do not have a BB, it is utterly important for you to find one as soon as possible for the following three reasons.

Ryan Eller and Jerrod Murr

1. A BB keeps you from bragging publicly. 

We have all come across those who brag consistently about their accomplishments. I come across a braggart when I look in the mirror (I have been guilty of being braggadocios). A BB will keep you from acting a fool by bragging about yourself when surrounded by your peers.

2. We feed from other’s successes. 

My favorite byproduct of having a BB is hearing all of Jerrod’s achievements. He may call to tell me about how well a presentation or sermon went, or simply to say he had a great day with his daughters. Either way, I get so fired up that I put more energy and effort into my endeavors.

3. A BB strengthens your influencers. 

I have a great support system. A loving wife, great parents and siblings, and a great group of friends. A BB allows me to celebrate life with another person, which solidifies my influencers. These people help keep me grounded, challenge me, and support my dreams.

So, be wise when choosing your BB. This person needs to be someone who knows your heart and character. Someone who believes in you and trusts you. Someone you can look up to for advice and support. So, go find your Brag Buddy today!

Do you have a BB? What are the pros of having a BB in your life?


3 comments on “Three Reasons Why You Need A Brag Buddy

  1. Great stuff. I believe strongly in having people in your life that causes you to be better. If your closest friends are not pushing you then you probably are not going anywhere in your life.

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