What Blogging Means to Me and Why You Should Be Blogging

February 10, 2013. I have blogged every day since February 10 of this year. That is 115 days in a row! I think this officially places blogging in my top 5 “Consecutive Days of Accomplishing Something,” or CDAS for short. My top 5:

1. Eating (I rarely go a few hours without eating)
2. Sleeping
3. The Great Facebook Streak of 2005-2013
4. Perfect Attendance at Creek Elementary 1989-1994
5. Blogging

My most viewed blog post over the past 115 days…281 Awesome Bucket List Items You Should Add To Your List with 527 views. My least visited post…Happy Memorial Day with a whopping 1 page view. I have had 12,879 page views over that time span.

I don’t blog for the stats or even for the sake of the streak, but I blog for me. Blogging every day requires dedication as some days I have blogged close to midnight after a busy day. Writing new content day after day forces me to become creative and think outside of my comfort zone.

Most of the time I am blogging about the things that I am trying to figure out in my life, like yesterday’s post about becoming a better leader. I typically write to reinforce my beliefs or strengths, and to improve on my imperfections. I am trying to become a better writer, story-teller, and motivator. I am consistently working on living the most inspired version of life I can possible live.

I encourage you to start blogging. Create a free account on WordPress.com and start typing what comes to your mind. Start writing about what you are passionate about, whether it be leadership, white-water rafting, or even cooking. You might be surprised about what you discover about yourself and the opportunities that become available to you once you share your ideas.

I love following blogs! Please leave your blog address in the comment section and I will gladly follow.



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