Why You Are As Awesome As LeBron James

Ryan Eller

Can we be honest? LeBron James is a freak. He is a once in a lifetime athlete who happens to play basketball, but could play any sport on the planet. He is 6’8″ and weighs 275 pounds. Let that sink in…he is taller than your door, as big as a defensive lineman, and can do this:

He jumped over John Lucas III. Lucas looks small on an NBA court, but he is actually 5’11 and taller than the average American man. LeBron is a freak. He is also Living His List. He has millions of dollars. He has a private jet. He can enter any club, restaurant, bar, or store and people will literally pay for his bill. He met President Obama and actually called him “coach,” and he has visited countries all over the world. If he has a bucket list (which he probably does), he is checking buckets off…

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