30 for 30 – My 30th Birthday Edition

Do you know I love lists? I have a list for almost everything, including but not limited to:

  1. Favorite Breakfast Items
  2. Greatest White Basketball Players
  3. My Consecutive Days Doing Something
  4. Best Lists of My Lists

ESPN created a series of documentaries for their 30th anniversary called “30 for 30” where they highlighted 30 stories that changed and transformed the sports landscape. I own the set and have a ranking of my top 5 stories if you were interested. These movies have inspired me to create a 30 for 30 list for my life, since today is my 30th birthday.

Below you will find the top 30 events that changed my life. It took several hours of deliberation, but I now have a list.

  1. Getting Married to Kristin
  2. Baby Jane’s Birth
  3. My Car Accident in 1998
  4. Starting Paradigm Shift
  5. Finishing my First Marathon
  6. Joining Lambda Chi Alpha
  7. Cuba 20 International Leadership Camp
  8. New York City Trip in 2004 AKA When I wrote my original Bucket List
  9. Trip to China
  10. Graduating College
  11. Being picked as NSU Outstanding Senior
  12. Getting hired for Educational Talent Search at NSU
  13. Brazil 20 International Leadership Camp
  14. The first 20 Camp
  15. Receiving my Master’s Degree
  16. Honeymoon in Cabo
  17. Backpacking through Europe
  18. Becoming Mr. Teenager for Muskogee in 2001
  19. Graduating High School
  20. Curacao, Niagara Falls, and Drama Tours with Firepower Youth
  21. The Great Tire Fire of 2003
  22. Winning Let’s Ask America
  23. South Dakota Road Trip with Ole Dad
  24. My emceeing career
  25. Buying my house
  26. Getting stuck in the blizzard Christmas 2009
  27. Breaking into my house with Melissa in Preschool
  28. Man Trip with Murr, Ott, and Amo
  29. Finishing the Branson Half Ironman
  30. RBC Emeritus Trip to Colorado

I am sure that not all of these memories will make sense to everyone who reads this, but many of you will remember these fondly. Thanks for helping me live an inspired and fulfilled life.

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Here’s to the next 30 years!


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