5 Club Hall of Famers

Major League baseball’s Hall of Fame is a special club. The players enshrined in those hallowed halls are honored after a lifetime of hustling. They started as children, played ball during the long summer hours as a teen, and then juggled strenuous schedules in college. Players then get paid lower than minimum wage in the minors as they travel throughout small towns all across the US. Getting to the majors for just one game is an unbelievable accomplishment, yet some players have long and successful careers. And then there’s the Hall of Famers.

There have been around 18,000 men to play in the majors, and only 300 have been elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. You can’t get into the Hall of Fame without talent, dedication, and tons of hustle. Which is also why very few people make it into the 5 Club Hall of Fame.


The 5 Club Hall of Fame is a special club. It belongs to the brave few who have the courage to wake up at 5 am and hustle to achieve their dreams. I am currently trying to break through the minor leagues to join the ranks of 5 Club professionals. These professionals have mastered the tricks of waking up before the sun rises to write the book they’ve always dreamed about, to pound the pavement before the summer heat, or to just find a moment of peace amidst a lifetime of craziness. If you can achieve an extended period of early morning hustle you just might make it into the Hall of Fame.

These Hall of Famers aren’t oversleeping their alarm, or even hitting snooze. These select few are doing more by 7 am than most people do in a week. They are almost inhuman, and certainly put in their dues through a lifetime of hustling. I have done a little research to compile a list of the inaugural class of 5 Club Hall of Famers:

1. Jon Acuff – The man has his own wing in the 5 Club Hall of Fame. He has written books about the subject, hosts 5 Club meetings across the nation, and inspires people like me to hustle on our dreams.

2. Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz – The dude wakes up early enough to work out and be in the office by 6 am. I am sure it helps to have an unlimited supply of coffee at your disposal.

3. George H.W Bush – The former President would wake up at 4 am, be in the office at 6 am, and would even work until 2 am. As if leading the free world wasn’t enough.

4. Benjamin Franklin – Franklin coined the famous quote: “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy, and wise.” He probably came up with the quote on some early morning. It wouldn’t have rhymed without his early morning hustle.

5. Napoleon – The famous French emperor made a point of being an early riser, even if it was mostly to get dressed for public appearances. Even after he was exiled to the island of St. Helena he would wake up early.

6. Ernest Hemingway – Hemingway would wake up before sunrise to write, stating that it was the best time to be creative undisturbed.

7. Richard Eller – Although he isn’t as famous as others on this list, my dad has been an early riser his whole life. Like all dairy farmer’s children, my dad started waking up at 5 am as a kid. When he went to college, he would wait outside the cafeteria in the morning for it to open at 6. He then became a dairy farmer as an adult, and eventually worked at a paper factory that required him to show up early. He now works as a counselor and doesn’t have to be in to work until 8:30, but he still wakes up early and hustles.

This is the inaugural class of the 5 Club Hall of Fame. I am sure I omitted many people (both famous and yet-to-be-famous) from my list. Who do you think should be inducted into this Hall of Fame? Has there been anyone who has inspired you to hustle?

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