My Biggest Fears

As Jon Acuff states, fear hates community. The best way to punch fear in the face is to share it with others who probably have the same fears. He challenged everyone in the #StartExp group to write their fears down and stare them in the face. I wrote my fears in my Start Experience journal, but I thought I would share my fears with the interweb in case you feel the same way as me. For full disclosure – I think I have less fears than the average person. I am irrationally confident and not really scared of things that might scare others (i.e. spiders, tornadoes, sharks, sharknados).

So, here is my list:

  • Being Alone – I don’t like being alone for 5 minutes much less for an extended period of time. I have been surrounded by people who love me since I was in the womb (I’m a twin), and I haven’t been alone since. This has hurt me a few times since I relied on others for success, and even got my heart broken because I didn’t want to be alone. I now have a loving wife and a beautiful daughter, and I hope to live a long life with them.
  • Losing Credibility Due to Lack of Integrity – I want to do the right things when no one is looking so that I have a legacy of character. However, I am innately flawed and think about this all of the time. I am consistently trying to place boundaries in my life so I do the right thing when I lack self-control.
  • Dying – I want to live forever. I know some people who have a much stronger faith than me who seem actually excited about going to the afterlife. I feel as if there is so much I want to do and achieve, so many people I want to impact, and so much I need to learn before I leave earth.

I hope this helps with my fears. I hope to put my fears in a chokehold and let them know they have no control over me. I am a dreamer of dreams and a music maker, and I think if you want to Live Your List you should face your fears head on.

What are your fears? The things you don’t want anyone to know because you want to seem strong? I encourage you to write them down and start planning on how to defeat them. If you would like to add them in the comments below, I will try to help encourage you through the hard times.



2 comments on “My Biggest Fears

  1. I think my biggest fear right now would be letting people walk alongside me through the uncomfortable and difficult moments of life.. It’s much easier for me to just push them away, so when I try to not do that, it almost becomes terrifying at times.

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