Don’t Brag About Your #5Club Awesomeness Around These People

I was so excited for the first Tulsa #5Club. I have been waking up at 5 a.m. every day sine Mr. Jon Acuff invited me to take a risk towards achieving my dreams as a member of the Start Experiment. I also challenged myself to host a #5Club in the Tulsa area for others who wanted to get up early to chase their dreams.


We hosted the first #5Club at the Village Inn in Midtown Tulsa, and I proudly told the hostess how we had chosen to wake up this early to network and talk about dreams. I mentioned how it had been a struggle to wake up, but that people who were serious about their dreams sacrificed to achieve them.

You might be able to guess what happened next. The hostess looked at me with a very unimpressed glare and slowly rolled her eyes at my statements.

Being a part of the #5Club has been awesome. Let’s be honest though…it’s not awesome when I wake up at 5 in the morning, but it is awesome how many things I have been able to accomplish because I am selfish in the wee early hours.

Depending on the time of the day, I have been found either bragging or complaining about my experience during the #5Club. However, I have learned to do this with caution…there are certain people who you will look at you like you’re silly if you talk about chasing your dreams before your dog is even awake. I have compiled a list so you will know who to be tight-lipped around:

  1. Dairy Farmers – They are handling cow utters before you wake up at 5, I don’t think they will listen to you complain.
  2. People Working the Graveyard Shift – If they are getting off work when you are getting up, don’t brag about waking up early (re: Village Inn Hostesses).
  3. Pipeliners, Oil Riggers, or People in Construction – I tried to sound cool about hustling in the early morning to my Cousin Kyle, who curtly told me he had poured concrete at 3:30 that morning.
  4. Those Who Hustle in the Morning to Survive – Hustling at 5 a.m. is one thing, working hard in the early morning to survive and support your family is another. These people are the true heroes, not us.
  5. Parents with Infants in the House – Be careful around young parents, they might throw bottles and pacifiers at you. I have learned that young parents have zero tolerance for those who talk about being tired.
  6. Old People – Back in their day they walked uphill both ways to work at 4 a.m. so they could make money at a factory before starting high school. Five a.m. is nothing!

These are just the people I have learned about in the past two weeks. I am sure there are many more. Who would you add to this list? Please comment so I won’t brag or complain around them.



6 comments on “Don’t Brag About Your #5Club Awesomeness Around These People

  1. I fit into categories 2, 4 & 5 in your post and I feel like I am headed into category 6. I would like to add a category 7, people in the military. When I was in the Army we would get up at “0 dark thirty” as they would call it. Usually to stand around for awhile before we did anything. Not sure why that early was necessary. Maybe add a category 7A, for Special Ops like Navy Seals. Those guys say they will sleep when they are dead!

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