Top 7 Moments of The 20 Leadership Camp 2013

Oh my Dad! What a wonderful week of 20 Camp madness. We spent seven days with the greatest students west of the Mississippi (or anywhere for that matter) learning, playing, singing, dancing, praying, worshiping, growing, and sleeping. Actually, we didn’t have much sleep. Strike out that last one.


I was inspired by Camp Founder and T-shirt model Jerrod Murr’s post about his top 9 moments of 20 Camp, and decided to post my Top 7. Why seven instead of nine? Because seven is God’s number and nine just doesn’t seem right. So, without further ado, here we go:

7. Roy Golden’s Stretch Sequence – Um…Roy Golden can turn his feet all the way backwards and use his size 14 feet as a telephone. What started out as a simple stretch turned out to cause several people to come on stage and use their feet as a telephone.


6. Midnight Basketball – After one of the services, many of us stayed up and played several very intense game of basketball. I had 24 points, 45 rebounds, 8 steal, and countless numbers of fouls. I was deemed the defensive MVP as I shut down both Zach Gamble and Jerrod Murr. Many times shutting them both down at the same time.


5. The Robot with Blue Shirts – I have no video evidence of this activity, but the volunteers played The Robot during training in between camps and it may be the funniest thing I have ever facilitated. AMO climbed the ladder. Gamble ended up running into the wall. Chandler was running around chasing robots. I laughed til I cried, then my tear ducts dried up, and I laughed again.

4. Stepping Stones Auction Bidding Process – Easily my favorite activity I have ever helped facilitate. It took 20 facilitators, 50 campers, a truck load of props, and over an hour and a half, but it was worth it. Four teams played traditional stepping stones, but were given a certain amount of “money” to purchase items to cross the hot lava. Murr showed his auctioneering skills while the teams bid on the different items. It was very enjoyable to me.


3. #5Club Yoga & Run in the Rain – I have been pursuing a goal of waking up at 5 a.m. and running. I knew that 20 Camp would be a challenge to keep this goal. However, I did not anticipate having so much support during this process. Every morning I had people wake up with me and run. As I mentioned earlier, we had very little sleep, which makes this even more impressive. One morning, a few of the ladies decided to host a #5Club yoga session in the gym. It was awesome.



2. Connect 4 World Record – Murr, Brandon Richards, and myself set out on an ambitious goal to break a world record at this 20 Camp. Our Connect Four board is over 10 feet tall, and fully functional. It is still waiting approval from Guinness, but it is a world-record in my book regardless.



1. People – It’s always about the people. The directors, the blue-shirts, the campers. We all play a huge part in the 20 Camp’s success, and every camp I build life-long relationships. This year I strengthened the bonds with Murr and Gamble, and made a BFF with Brandon Richards. I can’t wait for next year!

What was your favorite moment during 20 Camp? DId I leave anything off of the list?

For those of you who don’t know about The 20 Leadership Camp…check out this video.

Check out the rest of the pictures from 20 Camp here, and check out the videos here.

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