Sometimes You Just Need A Brain Dump

My personal assistant, Jerrod Murr, and I have been fortunate enough to travel across the US and facilitate workshops for all age ranges and personality types. These groups all say the same thing…I have too much on my mind.

We have responsibilities, goals, chores, and dreams. We have so many things we want to accomplish while we are trying to accomplish the things we don’t want to do. It is a never-ending cycle.

So, before I try to teach a group or learn new activities I facilitate a Brain Dump.


It is very simple: I take 5 minutes to write down everything that is on my mind. Some days I fill up part of the page, and some days I fill up four or five pages. When you write, know that you can resume your responsibilities later. At that moment it is time to learn.

That is it. Simple as pie (eating pie, I assume…cooking pie is difficult). Grab a journal, scrap piece of paper, or an iPad. Get everything out of your head. Get focused on learning and growing with 100% of your attention.

What’s on your mind today? Do you have a particular exercise that helps you focus?


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