101 Things to Do While Bored in an Airport

I have been traveling quite a bit lately, and it almost never fails that I spend some time waiting in an airport. A fella can only waste so much time refreshing Twitter before he gets bored and wants to do something else. Below you will find a list of 101 things to do in an airport when bored (and yes, I did write this list in an airport).

Try these out…and remember, I am not responsible if you get in trouble while doing this, so use your discretion.

  1. Race in a courtesy wheelchair with a stranger.
  2. Walk up to the Welcome Services desk and stay there until you get a “welcome.”
  3. Run around the terminal with your arms extended acting like an airplane.
  4. See how many different restrooms you can use.
  5. Read a book in the bookstore.
  6. Walk backwards on a moving sidewalk.
  7. Relax in an Airline Club lounge.
  8. Play hide and seek.
  9. See who can find the craziest souvenir in the airport shop.
  10. Talk with a stranger.
  11. Get a massage from one of the massage stations.
  12. Help people gather their items after they go through security.
  13. Find the most expensive menu item in your terminal.
  14. Ride the terminal train around the entire airport.
  15. Have a walking race from one side of the airport to the other.
  16. Greet passengers getting off of a plane.
  17. Shower in the bathroom sink.
  18. Return carts to their base and see how many quarters you collect.
  19. Have a push-up competition with a stranger.
  20. Pick out which destination you would travel to from the departure/arrival boards.
  21. People watch.
  22. Leave your luggage unattended and see what happens.
  23. Watch the action of the airport employees outside of the window.
  24. Volunteer to work for TSA at the security checkpoint.
  25. Walk the wrong way on an escalator.
  26. Buy a stranger’s food.
  27. Create a list of all of the places you would like to travel.
  28. Get your shoes shined.
  29. Shave in the bathroom sink.
  30. Try to start a flash mob.
  31. Watch a movie on your laptop – try to get others to watch too.
  32. Get caught up on work.
  33. Start writing the novel you’ve always dreamed about.
  34. Go through the “Do Not Enter” area of airport security to see what happens.
  35. High five people who are going the opposite direction of you on the escalator.
  36. Ride the baggage claim carousel.
  37. Find a deck of cards and play a few hands of Spades.
  38. Challenge others to a staring contest.
  39. Collect luggage and create a fort.
  40. Create a list of all of the places you have traveled to.
  41. Bring a football and play catch. See if strangers will join in.
  42. Call into the Department of Homeland Security and leave anonymous tips.
  43. Play “Hipster or Homeless?” as you people watch.
  44. Take a nap.
  45. Find an electrical outlet and plug in as many devices as possible.
  46. Search for the most comfortable chair in the airport and have a seat.
  47. Get your haircut. If there aren’t any barbers in the airport, try anyways.
  48. Make up stories about your life and try to see if strangers will believe you.
  49. Stand outside the baggage claim with a sign that reads, “Mr. Smith.” See who approaches you.
  50. Ask people to play pranks on strangers by convincing them that the strangers are your friends.
  51. Try to get on an intercom and make an announcement.
  52. Try to get on a plane as a stand-by passenger.
  53. Ask someone to go on a “date” with you to the nearest restaurant.
  54. Draw pictures of strangers and give it to them as a gift.
  55. Play music in the waiting area and try to start a dance party.
  56. Buy a postcard and send it to an address in a phonebook.
  57. Find a cup of coffee.
  58. Buy a drink for a random person on your flight.
  59. Have loud, fake phone calls in the terminal.
  60. Create a scavenger hunt for other passengers and ask them to complete it.
  61. Live tweet a conversation that someone is having near you.
  62. Create backstories to other passengers and be as creative as possible.
  63. Take all of your clothes out of your carry-on and put them all on.
  64. See if you can trade items with others to see what interesting things you could receive.
  65. Wait outside of the terminal and see families reunite with each other after a flight.
  66. Stand by the window and watch the planes take off and land.
  67. Buy something from the duty free shop.
  68. Visit the chapel and say a pray or two.
  69. Leave the airport and tour the city you are delayed in.
  70. Have a moving sidewalk race.
  71. Play the game, “Who Can Find the Weirdest Person.”
  72. Daydream.
  73. Find the map of the airport terminals and explore.
  74. Watch the Terminal starring Tom Hanks.
  75. Ask the attendants to page someone on the intercom. Make up names if necessary.
  76. Create a bucket list.
  77. Try to see if you could legally get on the roof.
  78. Challenge your friends to see who can get the most interesting photo.
  79. Practice doing wheelies in an airport wheelchair.
  80. Ask a stranger where they are going, and how many places they have been.
  81. Find the best, quietest and most secluded bathroom for future reference.
  82. Create a human scavenger hunt. Find unique people.
  83. Pretend that you are about to miss your flight and run from one terminal to another.
  84. Create a video of all of the shenanigans you participate in while waiting in the airport.
  85. Stand at the baggage carousel and take items off for other passengers.
  86. See how many different things you can purchase for $10. Have a competition with others.
  87. See how many phone numbers you can get in an hour.
  88. Try to guess who the Air Marshal is at your terminal.
  89. Find if the Airport has free WiFi.
  90. Watch people walking on the moving sidewalk, and see if they move faster than people walking next to the moving sidewalk.
  91. Buy a newspaper and try to complete the crossword puzzle. If you can’t, try doing it with friends.
  92. Take turns “Ghosting” people with your friends (follow as closely as possible without them noticing).
  93. Make a list of things to do at the airport.
  94. Ask a pilot if he has any of the Pilot Wings for kids. Keep it for yourself.
  95. Put your headphones in and play your favorite playlist.
  96. Talk with a foreign accent and ask people how to find the international terminal.
  97. Play hacky sack with a sock and ask people to join in with you.
  98. Try to guess what music passengers are listening to as they walk by.
  99. Challenge someone to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissor Olympics and declare the champion very loudly.
  100. Interview a stranger and find out their life story.
  101. Sit quietly and wait for your flight.

Have you tried any of these things? What kinds of things do you do while waiting at an airport?

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