Why Every Leader Needs to Perform a Social Media Check Up

I love Twitter. So much so that I tweet about 60 times a day. Sixty times a day! I have almost 15,000 tweets. Before you stare at me and wonder if I ever go outside or see the sunlight, I want to put that number in perspective.

I did some googling extensive research to find those of us with the most tweets. According to twittercounter.com (a fantastic website for those of us who like lists), the top 5 tweeters must be tweeting non-stop, and embarrass my tweet total.


The top tweeter, @yougakudan_00 has over 37,000,000 tweets. That is million. With a “M!” This user must post just under 100 tweets and hour and 1,000 tweets a day so they won’t get thrown in Twitter Jail (it’s only happened to me once). When you tweet as much as this person, or even as much as me, you should routinely do a social media check-up.

Social Media Check-Up

It is so easy to tweet, post, check-in, or upload that we often do not think twice about what we are posting. We start to get into trends, consistently posting certain types of material. For example, I consider myself a positive person and I want my tweets to represent my personality. That’s why I will do the social media check-up. I read through several days or weeks of posts to see if I like what I am reading.

I might think I am tweeting positively, but after reading a few days worth of tweets I discover that I have been very negative. I might think I am being funny, but then realize I have actually been a jerk. We should have goals for our social media just like we do for other areas of our life.

My goals for Twitter are to connect with other music makers and dreamers of dreams, and to be a positive influence for those around me. If I am not accomplishing those tasks, Twitter can quickly fall into a useless time-filler as opposed to the powerful tool that it should be.

Do this for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, etc. The more you review, the more positive your results will become. Be the leader on your social media that you are in person.

What are some of your goals for your social media? Do you do social media check-ups?

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