Why Jon Acuff And I Should Go On A Road Trip Together

I just attended Jon Acuff’s Start Conference. It was a great conference with a perfect mix of awesomeness, food trucks, and wannabe hipsters. It was loaded with inspiring content and lots of laughs. The conference attendees were moving down the road to awesome and inspired me to get started. My passion bucket is now overflowing.

The main star of the event was Mr. Acuff himself. He was a model of hilarity as he rolled through his speeches with perfectly layered jokes. He brought his wife and kids on stage for interviews. He stood in line as hundreds of people wanted him to sign his book. He even threw in some PG-11 jokes because the conference wasn’t recording his keynote addresses.

jon acuff

What is he looking at?

The attendees loved him so much that I think a woman fainted when he said his local Trader Joe’s didn’t offer scavenger hunts for kids. She gasped out loud and gurgled a little before she could catch her breath. That’s how much of a star Acuff was at the Start Conference.

The thing I enjoyed the most about Mr. Acuff was his pragmatic content. I agreed with everything he said about chasing your dreams and being a Starter. I loved his ideas on social media and writing. I appreciated his views on hard work and doing the right things to be successful.

During the conference I started thinking about how awesome it would be if the two of us went on a road trip. Creepy, right? Well, I am going with it because I still think it would be fun.

You know I love a good road trip. I would assume Acuff would as well. I’m guessing our voices would go sore with all the talking about awesome we want to achieve.

He would be surprised about how little I know about 80s trivia. He would try to make some jokes about The Breakfast Club…I would laugh in an awkward way, but he would know that I didn’t know what he was talking about.

I would surprise him with my knowledge on NBA All-Stars from the 90s, and I assume I would impress him with my thorough knowledge of breakfast food items.

We would make lists about our favorite lists we have made.

Most importantly, we would have a great time on a road trip because dreamers love being around other dreamers. We excel in situations where we can talk about the amazing things we want to do in our lives, and the ways we can give back to others.

Dreamers love talking to other dreamers because they inspire each other to do more, live more, achieve more.

Fortunately I don’t need Jon Acuff to talk about dreams, I have my personal assistant for that. I encourage you to find a Dreamer of Dreams that you can brainstorm with. Find someone who helps change your life in a positive direction.

Find that person and take them on a road trip. It just might change your life.

2 comments on “Why Jon Acuff And I Should Go On A Road Trip Together

  1. I could handle all the 80’s trivia. I am like Jon’ s twin when it comes to the love of “The Never Ending Story” and “Red Dawn”, not so much “The Newsies” though. How embarrassing! Let me know, I will tag along.

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