Brinner with Eller Project

I have a new list. I know this sounds crazy to those of you who consistently read my blog. I am making a list of the people who have impacted me the most in my life. The goal of creating this list is to show some gratitude to these influencers by taking them to brinner (breakfast for dinner).

Picture via pollitacalprof on

Picture via pollitacalprof on

I am going to interview them over a solid plate of pancakes, bacon, waffles, or biscuits and gravy. I am going to tell them how much they mean to me. I am going to ask them for advice for my future. Some of these people I know well, and some I have never met. Some know they influenced me, and some have no idea. Some I will cook for, and some I will buy. Some are close to home, and some are in different continents.

Either way, I want to have brinner with them and document the journey. Below you will find my list of influencers:

Early Life

  1. Richard Eller
  2. Suzie Eller
  3. Melissa Hall
  4. Leslie Dacus
  5. Jim Eller
  6. Sandra Eller
  7. Steven Rose
  8. Eric Smith
  9. Brandon Nickell
  10. Kristen Schell Fenska
  11. Darrin Ballard
  12. Raffi Balesteros

The Formative Years (College & Beyond)

  1. Kristin Eller
  2. Rickey Peaker
  3. Jerrod Murr
  4. Ryan Fenska
  5. Dr. Dana Eversole
  6. Dr. Amy Aldridge Sanford
  7. Emily Konieczny
  8. Tracie Sexson
  9. Diane Walker
  10. Matt Eaton
  11. Loyd Collins
  12. Wayne King

The Famous

  1. Dave Ramsey
  2. Mark Collard
  3. John Maxwell
  4. Jack Canfield
  5. Jon Acuff
  6. Nate Folan
  7. Karl Rohnke
  8. Dr. Arnold Mitchem
  9. Tom Peters
  10. Marcus Buckingham
  11. Craig Groeschel
  12. David Allen

If you have connections with one of these people and want to help me out, I would appreciate it! If you are not on this list and you would like to have brinner with me, and are willing to provide it, I am willing to travel.


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