You Don’t Have to Be Rich To Live Your List

I try everyday to Live My List. I want to wake up every day trying to live a life of intention. I hope to accomplish all of my dreams, goals, and ambitions while following my purpose. I want to become the person I am destined to become, to be a man of character who focuses on strengthening the bonds with my friends and family. I want to do and dream and love.

Most people look at someone who follows the Live Your List philosophy and assumes it takes a ton of money to travel the world and follow your dreams. That I need buckets of money to live a life of intention. Well, those people couldn’t be more wrong.

Living Your List is all about being intentional. Waking up in the morning and focusing on ways to improve yourself, your actions, and your relationships. 

Take the extra time to go for a jog. Put down the phone to hang out with your children. Spend your free time writing that book you’ve always said you would write. Go out of your way to visit the interesting things in your city.

Once you start viewing your life as an opportunity to live fully, you can start living fully.


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