Get Off Facebook and Get Started

I am fond of Facebook. I have been known as a Facebook connoisseur and have even given keynote addresses about the importance of Facebook as an educational tool. I have been on Facebook since the days when you needed a college email address to sign up. Back when all you could do was write on someone’s wall, message them, or poke them.

I think the order of people to sign up for Facebook are as follows:

  1. Mark Zuckerburg
  2. Matt Eaton
  3. Ryan Eller

Facebook is such a powerful tool that I couldn’t run my business without it. It is perfect for networking and promoting great ideas with like-minded individuals.

However, it has a dark side. The dark side is full of Candy Crush and invites to join a mafia family. It contains countless hours of frivolous material that doesn’t help us achieve our dreams and Live Your List. It doesn’t even have to seem frivolous on the surface to become a time-suck of wasted energy.

For example, I am part of the Start Experiment group on Facebook. It was created by Jon Acuff as an opportunity for dreamers of dreams to connect with others who were wanting to accomplish great things with their lives. And it started out that way, it truly did.

It eventually morphed into a community of people who were so focused on liking Facebook statuses and chatting with others that it consumed their time. It turned into a community talking about glitter, unicorns, and unimportant conversations. I am not a fun-hater, just a time-suck hater.

Don’t misunderstand me, this group has generated a ridiculous amount of good will and positive energy amongst its members. If you want to use Facebook as a tool for success, I would encourage it. However, when you cross the line into time-suck it drains your energy and productivity.

I met some people at the Start Conference who were also a member of the Start Experiment group. Many, if not most, of them were achieving great things. There were some however, in which it was obvious they were stalling in life doing frivolous things just like they were in the Facebook group.

In full disclosure, I know this life so well because I have previously been known as a professional Facebook time-waster. I would tell myself that what I was doing online mattered in the big scheme of things. Using Facebook as a positive tool is like cheating in golf. If you cheat in golf, pretty much only you will know. But you will know. You know if you are using Facebook in a positive manner or as a time waster.

If you find yourself in a downward spiral of Facebook time-suck, get offline. Do things that matter. Get started.


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