Guest Post Friday – Just Be Kind

It is guest post Friday! Each Friday we encourage you to submit a post for the blog. This week’s post comes from Anna Floit, story liver and a story teller from the rolling hills of the Southeast. She can usually be found at Jazzercise or Whole Foods.  Or both. You can follow her blog here and on Twitter @thepeacockquillIf you would like to submit a guest post, click here
Even when you don’t feel like it.
Even when the world hasn’t been kind to you.
Because maybe you’ll be on a plane one November night, bound for Chicago, and maybe it’ll be cold and rainy and dreary and you’ll be sad and lonely and lost.
And maybe you’ll just want to curl up with a book for the hour-long flight from Nashville, trying to figure out your life’s Plan B.
Because your wounds are not yet even scars.
But be kind anyway.
Because you don’t know who will make his way down that Southwest aisle and spot the empty seat next to you.
And maybe you’ll kick yourself for accidentally making eye contact because then he’ll ask if the seat is taken.
And it’s not.
But be kind. And put your book away.
Because even though he is friendly and boisterous in personality, he’s wounded too.
And maybe he’ll tell you about it.
About his twin daughters he just visited in Florida.
And about how a failed marriage is now an obstacle to his dream of motivational speaking.
So listen.
And be kind.
And in turn maybe you’ll casually tell him about your lifelong best friend who is a jazz pianist in Chicago who plays a regular Saturday night gig at the Green Mill.
And maybe when he gives you his business card you’ll toss it out when you get home
because contacting unfamiliar men isn’t your thing.
But be kind.
Because maybe down the road your lifelong best friend who is a jazz pianist in Chicago will call you to tell you a story.
A story about a guy who introduced himself at the Green Mill and told him he met you on a plane from Nashville.
And maybe your best friend will think that’s fun but forgets about it for a few weeks.
But then maybe the guy will return to the Green Mill and reintroduce himself to your best friend the jazz pianist
and hand him a letter addressed to you and ask him to please see that you get it.
And then maybe your best friend will read the letter to you over the phone.
And you’ll probably cringe
because you have no idea what to expect.
But you’ll listen.
Because maybe
your kindness and compassion and encouragement
–even on a dark day–
inspired a stranger on an airplane
emphatically, hauntingly, searingly,
that he just had to find you
and tell you
and thank you.
Because you were kind.
And maybe years later you will still read that letter.
Maybe daily even.
Because it reawakens you to the significance of kindness,
the substance of compassion,
the scope of encouragement,
and how nothing, really, is about you anyway.
So just be kind.
Without expectation.
There just may be grace in it for you too.
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:
for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

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