Who is Ryan?

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In case you couldn’t tell from the pictures, I am married to my college sweetheart, Kristin, and we have the cutest little girl ever named Jane. I am trying to live my list everyday. Things I love and are often found talking about…(in no particular order)…Kristin, Jane, the OKC Thunder, a strong Nick Collison screen, my grandpa’s farm, OU college football, my huge family, dreaming big dreams, breakfast – specifically biscuits and gravy, retelling a story, running, LOST, my bucketlist, my travels, achieving a goal, and meeting new people.

I am the founder and lead consultant of Paradigm Shift, which provides custom-built team-building and leadership training. I have facilitated in 15 US states and hosted leadership conferences in Cuba and Brazil. I have the goal of hosting a leadership training in all 50 states and all 7 continents.

I serve as the Program Director for The 20 Leadership Camp, a faith-based camp designed to develop and enhance the leadership skills of America’s youth. This allows me to tinker with new games, activities, icebreakers and initiatives with the future of America.

I spent seven years as Grant Coordinator for Educational Talent Search at Northeastern State University, the college where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and master’s in Higher Education Administration. I was the Oklahoma representative for SWASAP Emerging Leaders Institute and served on the ODSA Executive Board (I like acronyms).

That’s me in a nutshell, but is only a small scratch on the surface of my crazy life. I leave you with my credo…I will never compromise who I am, what I do or who I want to be for anything or anyone…I will continually challenge myself to be better and to never be complacent at what I do…bottom line is life is great and is only gonna get better…

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I love Twitter. So much so that I have 11 different blog posts speaking specifically of Twitter. This is my most active and my favorite social media outlet. Follow me @ryan_eller, I follow back. 

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Paradigm Shift Blog

I run two blogs: this fabulous one, and my longest running blog www.myparadigmshift.org. I update this blog weekly with free team-building and leadership activities. Free name games, icebreakers, initiatives, and processing activities for groups of all sizes. You can also find out about what I actually do for a living.

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Pinterest isn’t just for the ladies. I have some great boards on my Pinterest page, including my Oklahoma Bucket List, inspiring quotes, and one completely devoted to breakfast.

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I am consistently adding videos to my YouTube Channel that will help you lead your group of team. Subscribe to my channel by clicking here. I am currently working on a Ryan Eller YouTube Channel that focuses on Bucket Lists, but I haven’t gotten there yet! Stay tuned.

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I would love to follow your blog, follow you on Twitter, or like you on Facebook. Leave your social media sites in the comments below and I will return the favor. Of course, you can email me at ryan@myparadigmshift.org!


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