playmeo Hero Image BoxPlaymeo is the largest online database of group games & activities in the world, used by PE teachers, corporate trainers, recreation & youth leaders, high school and college educators, and ropes course facilitators. It features 200+ group based activities including ice-breakers, energizers, warm-up and stretches, fitness games, trust exercises and team-building activities.

Every activity comes with downloadable ‘Print-n-Play’ instructions, a short video tutorial, leadership tips and lesson plan ideas. Use the powerful search function to find the perfect activity for your class, and access the entire database ‘on the go’ with your mobile device, eg smart phone or tablet.

Most activities require few, if any props, young people love them, and they are ideally suited to developing an increased level of agility, physical co-ordination and collaborative learning skills.

Annual subscription plans: $47.00 / year (individual)
Unlimited Institutional subscription plans: $497 / year (for 15+ people)

Here are six reasons you’ll love playmeo:

  • Searchable – find the right activity easily, by narrowing your search by group size, time, equipment needs, and relevant keywords.
  • Watch Real Groups – watch dozens of video tutorials to learn what every activity looks and sounds like with real groups.
  • Learn How To Adapt – know how to tweak every activity to suit your group’s needs.
  • Easy & Portable – download simple PDF instructions to your mobile device for easy reference.
  • Save Time & Money – access exclusive ‘print-n-play’ activity resources.
  • Expert Lesson Plans – download ‘print-n-play’ lesson plans prepared by experts.

Subscribing to playmeo gives you access to the most comprehensive online database of group games & activities in the world. Here’s what else you get:

  • Immediate access on sign-up.
  • Unique video tutorials featuring expert leaders in front of ‘real’ groups to know exactly what every activity looks and sounds like.
  • Print or download ‘Print-n-Play’ instructions for every activity onto your mobile device for future reference.
  • Save time by following our lesson plans.
  • No-risk, 60 day money-back guarantee.

If you would like to sign up for playmeo, click herePlaymeo


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