Guest Post Friday – I Cannot Write

It is guest post Friday! Each Friday we encourage you to submit a post for the blog. This week’s post comes from Matthew Grant McDaniel, a writer, thinker, and doer. He loves and lives for God, ideas, art, and splagchnon. You can follow his blog here and on Twitter @mgmcdanielIf you would like to submit a guest post, click here

I cannot wake up in the morning and ever again leave unrecorded the flood of ideas in my head I have been silently drowning in for years.

NO. I cannot go back. I dreamed and saw and experienced too much these last few days.

I can already feel doubt, resistance, fear creeping up to sink its teeth into me. Its breath leaves a stalking rhythm of warm, damp impressions on the back of my neck.

NO! I cannot just stand there in the dark and wait for those fangs to bite. I have to run toward what has been blindingly illuminated for me. Even if I cannot see it as clearly, now. Especially if.

It’s all in my reach, in the distance but steady right in front of me. I just need to do the work.

I cannot just write “It was sublime” or “What a sad day” or “She is beautiful.”

No. My job is to paint pictures with words and show it to you.

That taste of what is possible (of what is actual) was too real to wash away with the palette cleanser of weary mediocrity.

I cannot not write.

I am a writer.